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lives and breathes DJing.  His love for music came from his parents who are both symphony musicians and music teachers.  Music education and mentoring has always



My name is Walt White. I created Mix Performance Studio for two purposes ... To officially move my DJ and Music Production education services away from group lessons and seminars to a more efficient and effective personal instruction and mentoring platform; and to offer a space for DJs to provide professional quality live streams and capture demo recordings with industry standard DJ gear, professional visuals and viewpoint feedback to give them the best possible performance. 



Mix Performance Studio is my vehicle for delivering a whole new type of DJ education never offered before in Colorado.  I have been performing as a DJ since 2002, helped and taught DJs since 2008 - what I realized after all of this time is that if you want to give your students the best possible opportunity to succeed, you need to customize their curriculum.  You have to tweak every mentoring session to match a student's learning style, to recognize and work on their weaknesses and most importantly ... to help them achieve their personal goals.

I created Global DJ Academy over a decade ago and we quickly became a leader in DJ and Music Production education in Colorado and beyond.  What I realized after years of teaching group lessons was that many students struggle to learn with lectures given from the front of a classroom full of DJ stations. Many students have personal and specific interests with certain performance styles or specific genres of music.  Some students want to be a hip hop DJ supporting a big rap star or a festival DJ at EDC.  Other times they want to be a wedding DJ that doesn't abruptly smash songs together or a sports team DJ that wants to learn Click Effects for professional sports events.  Some want to DJ as a hobby, but be incredible technically at their craft.  By teaching students in a private lesson and mentorship format, their education investment is truly catered towards their specific needs, pace and goals.


These artists deserve to be taught on the correct software and hardware that best fits their needs. They deserve to have someone standing by them offering guidance and advice who has achieved similar goals.  A mentor that has the industry connections to help them succeed and reach their goals...... 


With Mix Performance Studio I'm changing the game on DJ education ... because becoming a successful DJ isn't just about learning when to press play and turn the knobs. I guide my student on the journey to achieve their goals.  I focus on what they need, whether it is DJ skills, marketing platform building, DJ booth etiquette, support slot music programming, gig acquisition or learning how to perform on any gear & any DJ software .... I adjust the curriculum that I have designed to help students achieve their specific and unique goals.

If you are a beginner with dreams of playing on a big stage, a special events DJ looking to improve a segment of your business or a seasoned DJ that wants to learn new technology or better ways to organize your library .... Mix Performance Studio is here for you.



In 2010, I was asked to collaborate on a DJ product for children in public schools and found something amazing deep inside the world of DJing.... "Kids discovering DJing for the first time."


It is truly inspiring to design and deliver a kids DJ program into a school and watch a child's eyes light up when they flawlessly mix their two favorite song together.  I develop DJ curriculums for public schools and youth organization all over the United States.  I use these same curriculums and teaching techniques when I mentor kids at Mix Performance Studio.  Being the father of a 9 year old DJ, I know the challenge of helping your child achieve their goals. I teach all my students the way I hope my son's mentors will teach him... with passion, with knowledge and with a teaching approach that best fits the students learning style.




Mix Performance Studio is my best effort to gather my years of experience designing and managing DJ booths in EDM super clubs & multi-stage music festivals and combine that with my new passion for video streaming and recording technology. 


My goal is to make Mix Performance Studio the most comfortable, reliable and feature rich DJ performance space in the United States. I want to give DJs the opportunity to present themselves professionally without needing to spend large sums of money on DJ gear and cameras and other technical equipment or go through the pain of learning how to run live streams and visuals. 


I know what it's like as a DJ to struggle to capture the very best of yourself as a performer. It sometimes seems unattainable to get that perfect drop shot, that perfect performance, that perfect video clip, that perfect demo .... to make that career jump to the next level.  It's equally as challenging to set up and execute an online performance during a pandemic when the only gigs are live streams and your relationship with a client is on the line. Mix Performance Studio is the answer to that struggle. 


No matter where you are in the DJ industry, all DJs need to have a professional looking presence online ... that professionalism is most apparent when watching a live stream or a video performance.  At MPS we can help you stream or capture that flawless professional performance you have been looking for.








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