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Music Equipment

lives and breathes DJing.  His love for music came from his parents who are both symphony musicians and music teachers.  Music education and mentoring has always


Mix Performance Studio is designed to help DJs and Artists Broadcast Professional Live Streams, Record Live Performances for Online Events and Demos & Capture Marketing Content for Web Sites and Social Media.  MPS is a flawless performance space with all top dj gear available for you to use.  The performance area is an amazing DJ booth with all the amenities and visual feedback you need to have the best studio style performance possible.  With a flawless sound system  and multiple camera angles, the space is the most comfortable and feature rich dj booth you will ever perform in.


We can add live stream frames or mix custom visuals for you while you perform including  logos, ads or anything else you want.  We broadcast on all the popular social media platforms simultaneously like Twitch, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Zoom and Mix Cloud Live.  MPS is the perfect place to do a live stream or record a quality video demo of a performance for marketing and gig acquisition.


Each session is so unique that we love to connect with you about your stream or performance in order to reserve the space.  

Please fill out this form with the details of your stream or performance and we will be in touch to reserve your session.

Thank you! We will be in touch asap!

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