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lives and breathes DJing.  His love for music came from his parents who are both symphony musicians and music teachers.  Music education and mentoring has always


At Mix Performance Studio we make learning simple for the beginner through professional level student.  No complexed class structure, no class eligibility, no mandatory curriculum to follow.  We work with you based on your interests, style and goals at the speed you can handle. With our exclusive private lesson format, every lesson is customized to each student to help them meet their individual goals.


We will work with you on your production gear or ours.  We work primarily with Ableton, but have instructors that specialize on most other production platforms including Logic, Protools, FL Studios, Cubase and Reason.  We have everything you will need available to get started right away at our facility, but we encourage you to bring your own gear to make the learning process as effective as possible.


Please give us a call to inquire about lesson days and time.  Many times our instructor will come to your studio to work on projects because moving all your production gear might be difficult.   Lessons are scheduled in 1 or 2 hour blocks based on your availability and attention span (2 hour lessons are recommended whenever possible for maximum learning).  We teach lessons on a private lesson basis so that you can focus your time on the the skillset and technical level perfect for where your own needs.

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